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 Does it seem like EVERYTHING is A BATTLE WITH KIDS?​

Getting out the door.


Meal time.



Sibling squabbles.


It’s so draining. You’re tired of fighting. Of giving in. Of feeling like a failure.


Sound Familiar?

Questions? Want to learn more?



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  • Tired of Time-outs. Reward charts. Counting to three. Punishments. Nothing works.​
  • Overwhelmed in their responsibilities 
  • Not Satisfied hearing "it's just a phase"
  • Feeling guilty for not enjoying being a parent or feeling resentful of their kids
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  • ​To get their kids cooperation without nagging, yelling and losing control.

  • ​​​​​​to learn how to build consequences that are both fair and do what they are supposed to!

  • To parent differently than they were raised.

  • To enjoy this precious time with their kids instead of a constant battle.

Who AM I?

I'm Ariana Kyte

Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT

Let me share with you a story about how I came to love parenting.

Growing up, it seemed my parents were so unfair to me (perhaps you can remember feeling this way too as a kid). Most of the time they would react to us, by yelling or punishing or making up a random consequence.I vowed that I would never parent my children like this (hold the laughter).


Don’t get me wrong, they were NOT terrible parents! In fact, looking back, they were quite typical parents. The problem was that my parents were only using the tools they were given. Which is the tools passed down to them by THEIR parents. 


When I became a parent, I discovered that all the same tactics my parents used on me, were automatically becoming my own! And not only did I not like the results I was getting with my toddler, I didn’t like what was happening to our sweet relationship. I spent much of my days oscillating between anger and shame, making up consequences on the fly, repeating myself until I was yelling...sound familiar?

Although I hadn't forgotten the promise I made to myself, I didn't know how to parent any different. I felt stuck.


After one particularly awful day, I thought “There has got to be a better way to do this!” I began studying from the experts in the parenting field, and I couldn't get enough! What began as a search to get my child to be less unruly, completely transformed my parenting. Despite all my schooling in psychology, I realized just how much I didn't know about raising a little human!


Although I was excited about what I had learned, I was also dubious. I began to test out these new "theories" with my kid. The changes I saw in my child were almost instantaneous! I would laugh in disbelief when I thought about how hard she used to fight me on the same things.


She began to listen.

She began to cooperate,

She was problem solving,

She would even apologize and self correct (what the..?)


Oh my gosh was I ever thankful that I took that leap. Thankful that I questioned, that I re-examined my parenting methods (not really even mine...just the ones I grew up with!). Without being passive and giving in I get to enjoy a rich relationship with my kiddos. And I have the joy of getting to watch both of my children grow in their own moral reasoning, emotional intelligence and problem solving skills.


And isn't that ultimately what we want as parents?


For our kids to learn how to tell right from wrong on their own.

For them to express kindness and gratitude genuinely.

For them to grow in problem solving skills.

For them to listen and cooperate- not out of coercion, bribery, fear or anything else but out of respect for others.


This is Why I can Help you

​I became a therapist because I am passionate about helping families seek change. 

This time in life can be so confusing and overwhelming. As parents we often wonder:

  • ​Will it ever get easier?​

  • Why aren't the timeouts, punishments, or even incentives working?  ( If they aren't, take heart. It's not you and it's not your kids. You can learn what DOES work)

  • Do other parents feel both guilty and enraged simultaneously?


No matter where you’re at in your parenting journey, whether in the throes of postpartum or your kids are in school, I believe that there is always hope and opportunity for change.

I will help guide you to finding the answers to

  • what is sparking the MAJORITY of BATTLES

  • the root cause behind whining, tantrums and power struggles

  • why timeouts, counting, punishments DON'T WORK and what you CAN DO INSTEAD


  • How to discipline in a way that actually teaches the lifelong skills you want your kid to have


You and your family deserve better than just getting by, you deserve to thrive.


​Ready to book your first session?

Still unsure but want to learn more? 

You can book online now or contact me.
I practice in the Reno/Sparks (NV) area. Contact me now!


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