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Couples & individuals

what is wrong with me?

What is their Problem?

Did I choose the wrong person?





Happy Couple
  • Feeling angry, sad, hopeless or stuck
  • Frustrated that they repeat the same arguments again and again
  • Wondering where the person they married went
  • Feeling like maybe they chose the wrong person


Image by Henri Pham
  • To stop dealing with struggles that constantly hamper them in life.

  • ​To gain insight and understanding into who you are and where you've been.

  • To find healthy ways of dealing with struggles like anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

  • To be supported in becoming the best version of you.

Who AM I?

I'm Ariana Kyte

Marriage and Family Therapist, MFT

Usually, this part is filled with carefully crafted acronyms and titles that mean nothing to potential clients. I hope, however, that this page can help give you a good idea of whether or not I would be a good fit for you.

Like many people in our area, I love being outside. Swimming gives me a joy like no other and simply being outside, be it the backyard or somewhere in the Sierras, brings my soul out of hibernation. I have two kids that are my greatest joy, greatest hardship and greatest pride. I suck at “chilling”, so even on movie nights I want to watch documentaries or listen to TED talks while folding laundry. My 30 year dream is to open a retreat center that also incorporates therapy. 


I LOVE my job. Many people shake their head at my profession. Can’t comprehend how anyone would want to do what I do. I have always been fascinated by why people do what they do. At age 12, I began to keep a journal, taking notes for my future self on ‘how to have a happy marriage’ and ‘how to be a good parent’ based on what I saw from my own parents! Weird--I know.


I love problem solving. I love slowing down, listening and putting together 'the puzzle' or 'identifying the missing link' that I can then hand back to my clients. I love getting to know people, their stories. And I really love working with relationships of all kinds- they are a big part of our lives!

My style is authentic and interactive: I won't stare at you in silence, only occasionally making mysterious interpretations. Instead, I approach therapy as an active collaboration. Most of us benefit from some combination of being listened to and accurately understood, trying out alternative behaviors, learning new information relevant to our problem and re-examining what we have been taught about who we are.


I studied at the University of Nevada Reno for both my psychology degree and my Masters in Counseling and Educational Psychology. I completed my 3,000 hour post-graduate internship in a variety of settings working with children, families, couples and individuals in Reno and Carson City. I have training in the Gottman method, CBT, positive discipline parenting and Emotion Focused Couples therapy. 

I love working with couples because, most of the time, they find their partner does deeply care for them but has become buried beneath other emotions and defense mechanisms. I love my work with individuals because there is often an abundance of potential joy, peace and self-compassion to be uncovered with some shifts in mindset and lifestyle.


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